Minisueq Designs

Minisueq Designs

North Chesterfield, VA


Hand felted wool and silk scarves, collars, hats, wraps and purses.

I love color and designing merino wool and silk scarves, collars and hats.  The soft wool and other fibers create unique accessories that are strikingly beautiful, comfortable and functional.

Shipping Policy

Most items will be shipped within 3 days by USPS.

Return Policy

if you are not pleased with your purchase, please return your item to me and I will issue a refund.

Are items washable?

Except for hats, all items are hand washable in cool water.  Thoroughly rinse, reshape and dry.  A light stem iron will finish the job.


CanI request a design in a different color?

I am happy to do custom orders.  Since all items are “one of a kind”, exact replicas are not possible, but it will be pretty darn close.


Shipping to USA only.

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